The Parker Strip & Fast Boats at the Colorado River

The Parker Strip… What and where is it?

The Parker Strip is the section of the Colorado River located between Headgate Rock Dam on the south and the Parker Dam on the north. It is a 2 state area divided by the Colorado River and it is part of the southern Mojave Desert. To the east you will find the sunny state of Arizona. The City of Parker is the closest and the main supplier of products and service to the Parker Strip demands. Along the river banks you find many private vacation resortes with sandy beaches, bars, restaurants, hotels and there is one casino too. If you like: jet skiing, boating, boat racing, water skiing, parasailing, tubing, offroading, fishing, hunting, gambilng, bird watching or just sun bathing, the Parker Strip, with no speed limits and open 24 hour, is the perfect spot for your desert fun in the Colorado River. For the budget conscious, there are quite a few public campgrounds on both sides of the river to accommodate all comers. Many snowbirds, with RVs from the north, enjoy expending the winter months camping in the Parker Strip every year. About 40 miles, north of the Parker Dam, Havasu City in Lake Havasu is home to many international racing events and to the famous London Bridge.

West of the Colorado River

Heading west from the Parker Strip you will get into California, the home of the motion pictures industry. The Parker Strip biggest source of income, for real state investament, come in big part from the great metropolis of Los Angeles, located at only 4 hours away. The Parker Strip area includes many kind of recreational facilities where you can exercise all sort of water sports and desert related activities. Due to some restrictions and the high demand for waterfront properties, prices have skyrocketed to the seven digits mark, and it seems impossible to get a piece of riverfront property. These anecdotes are just part of what keep us going back to the Parker Strip every year, but there are others, many others, interesting things happening at the river all the time. Who knows, one of these days we may see the Queen Mary, converted to a hotel casino, moored right across from the The Foxs or The Sundance giving away buffet breakfasts to attract visitor… Anything and everything is possible at the Parker Strip, Colorado River, USA!

Unofficial boat racing at the Parker Strip

Saturday afternoon is the best time to see the fast boats of the Parker Strip racing each others, flying off the top the wakes and almost tipping over, blasting down the river on a big stamina trip. Once in a while these boat racing get heated up, big time, with too many super fast boats running at the same time in a narrow section of the Colorado River. That is when, looking on from your campsite on the bank of the river, it will make you feel like you are watching a “TV special event”. The big difference here is that it is a free, real life, entertainment show. Heck, you could even take home pictures and videos with you. You could even see some of the most remarkable offshore racing boats in action, their racing skills and records are unknown to you but, that driver could easily be a famous, international racer that, by pure coincidence, happens to be giving you a “free show” at the Parker Strip. You never knows who is who… Anything is always possible at “The Parker Strip” !

Where do I get racing fuel in Parker, AZ?

I did found that the best place, and maybe the only one now, that you can get top racing fuel in the Parker area is at the Parker Oil Produts. By the end of the 2005 Parker Strip boating season I needed some of the high octane fuel and a Seadoo RXP racer, Ric Johnson, told me about this place. I went down to Parker oil Products and met the guys running it. They are good people and treated me right. They were very helpful, skilled and informative about the use of top racing fuel. I got a few gallons of the VP moto 113 racing fuel and the price they charged me was a very good deal as for as I know from checking others sources of racing fuel. My rig appreciated drinking the good stuff and it were showing in my GPS device by been faster than before. I felt like they earned my business in good faith and in gratitude I decide to mention their place in some of my pages related to the fast boats of the Parker Strip. Here is a view of the action at their busy gas station in a short, 2.93 MB file, Windows Media video cliptaken on the 2006 Memorial Day Weekend at Parker, AZ, from across the street. Cheers! A great gas station for top racing fuel!

Amazing racing boats coming… Gone!

It is very thrilling to hear these awesome boats, coming, closer and closer, from the distance and watch how they wrestle the choppy water, as they get close to you, going over a 100 miles per hour and then, 5 seconds later, they are all gone very quickly, just as they came. Dont be surprised when you awake to a big rumble, loud sound from their big and supercharged engines, in the middle of the night but, you would not see them because they were racing and the whole thing just happened too fast for you to catch it. If luck is in your side, and it happens to be a full moon out, you may be able to see a very spectacular night scene of boat racing at 100 mph. Seeing this amazing boat raceat the Parker Strip became one my most treasured memories ever.

The new “Party Boats” are all over the river

At the Parker Strip you will see all type of boats. From nflatables boats, canoes, fishing boats, and houseboats to the 40-footers offshore racers, potoon boats and river parasail boats. A very popular boats at “The Strip” are the Eliminators, lots of them out there. You can see plenty of the new party boats too, they are pretty, very fast and have a lots of dancing space in their open deck. During weekend evenings you can see people dancing in the boat while floating down the river but, most of the time, you will only hear the music from their late night, loud, onboard party. Many thanks to the owners of the boats shown here for the great shows they put up. We will see you out there as soon as its get hot again, folks!

About the authorĀ Papoloko has been camping and boating at the Parker Strip, Colorado River, since 1992.