Summer Months Camping at Crossroads

We have been going to the Parker Strip since 1992. For the first 8 years we had a Formula boat. The new Millenium came and brought the jetski obsession and we just keep going at it today. We expend mosts weekend in the summer months camping, kicking back, at Crossroads Campgrounds. We always enjoy the company of the host, Gene and his wife. These folk are wonderful, good people, from Texas. Camping in the desert, by the river, with the jet ski near by in the water is living “The High Life” for old timers and river rats like us. Check it out and you will get in love with it.

Have you seem a donkey lately?
There are quite a few photo albums here. Click on the links to see the Parker Strip Fast Boats. Go meet my old Formula boat alias “GINAII”. Take a pick at the “Crossroads Campgrounds”, see Crossroads Host, 2000 ultra 150, Lesharo RV, “Old Jet ski”, and last, there is one of an old desert donkey. He was very funny and we gave him the name “Burrito King”. He use to hang around our campsite at Crossroads waiting to eat carrots from our hands. Thinking back on it now, I just realize that we never knew his last name.

Meet our “Little Davey”
If you have kids I will suggest a visit to our grandson, “Little Davey Web World” web site. He’s 2 years old and growing up very fast!!!. I created a small website for him. So far it only have one photo album but as soon as I get some free time I will be loading more pictures, some videos and kids games. You can meet and find out more about our grandson “Little Davey” at his website.