Safety: Jet skiing operation isn’t a joke!

Jet skis are no longer the little machines they use to be back in the 70s & 80s. Their engines have grown to be very powerful. A 300cc small 2 stroke engine has grown to a 1500cc one, supercharged 4 stroke, capable of producing 250 hp from factory with speeds close to 70 mph. A very dangerous watercraft in the hands of the wrong individual. It’s possible, for an inexperienced first time rider, to go into a jet ski rental place and come out with a 60 mph personal watercraft. The internet comes handy with many web sites offering PWC safety courses and making it easy to learn by watching a PWC safety operation video online!

How old should the jet skiing captains be?

The personal watercrafts industry support a minimum age requirement of 16 to operate a PWC. Lately, most states are requiring training because the 900 pounds personal watercrafts of today, with the big engines, in the hands of untrained operators could become lethal weapons. Some state allow even younger teenagers to go jet skiing by themselves but they are wising up. Like with cars, there isn’t a national age requirement. It’s easy to see what is going to happen to the restriction free jet skiing we have seen in the past.

Should personal watercraft operating license be mandatory ?

Stronger safety regulations and rules will emerge making personal watercraft operating more complicate but, even though it would be safer than ever, the statistic will still show more accident than in the past. The reason for higher numbers will be because more people are buying jet skis every year. To look at the good side of jet skiing, a few years ago a kid, any age, could take out a motorized boat all along. Hey, don’t feel so bad about a 16 year old teenager riding a jet ski by himself, he could been riding an 35 footer offshore racing boat instead. At least, in California, they have to be 16… No bad!

Jet skiing versus Boating…

I was a full size boater for 25 years before getting into personal watercrafts and now, even though I’m almost 60 years old, I can’t get away from riding PWC. Unless you want to carry dry passengers with you, jet skis are easier to use, funnier, cooler and cheaper to buy. It’s a lot easier to use, maintain and store jet skis than it’s with traditional watercrafts. Jetskiing even give you a workout as a side effect. The jet sking sport is growing at a very fast rate. If we all, as a group of PWC enthusiasts, promote safe and responsible riding by example more people will join and use of pwc. Just ask yourself these questions honestly. And these are just the ones that came to mind right off!

Here comes the ugly side of the sport: The Jet skiing accidents.

Picture of PWC racing accident

I was at the 2006 Jet ski World Final Championship event Picture of PWC racing accidentat Lake Havasu, Arizona. In one of races for that day, 2 jet skis collided, while making a closed turn at a buoy right in front of the spectators, I was taking pictures, the jet skiing accident occurred so fast that it isn’t possible to see the exact hitting time. These racers go extremely fast and things get very confusing during the race so, after the hit, a Seadoo RXP that had been doing good was now idling near the unhappy looking racer while many other racing jet skis kept on passing dangerously close to him.

Water rescue patrol at the jet ski racing action…
Before anything could happen to the racer there was a rescuing Rescue jet ski patrol accident Picturejet ski patrol, with a little rescue sled in the back, taking him away to a shore safety area. The water rescuer patrol was provided and paid for by the event organizers. Nowadays you see patrols watercrafts at most lakes, river and beaches. I don’t know how much money the guards make but I think they are very happy!

What about personal watercrafts occupations?

Personal watercrafts are related to many occupations using different types of jet skis depending of the purposes of the jobs. Because their size and maneuverability, jet skis are widely used by the US Coast Guards, river police, and for emergencies by water rescue patrols around the world. A very handy rescuing vehicle, to get in and out, where a full size watercraft wouldn’t be able to reach in. The jet skis small draft make them ideal for landing at the beach and running where water is only a couple of feet deep. In reality, jet skis are mini jet boats that were originally designed only as a toy to be ridden standing up. Later on they were called PWC!

Jetskiing Hollywood as a jetski stunt man.

Another way to make money and enjoy jetskiing at the same time is by finding a jetski stunt job in Hollywood. Money should be really good doing this type of work since the risk involved are higher. Some time they require a whole bunch of jet skis in the production of a movie… Remember the “Water World” movie? It could also be in television series, where they use jet skis regularly… The “Bay Watch” show lasted for a very long time. When it comes to jetskiing, money can go in two different direction. It could be a big money eater or a good, thrilling, and fun money maker!

Is any money in personal watercrafts racing ?

Another jetskiing occupation, or job, is as a PWC racer. PWC racers at start line picture 39But to get the good money you have to reach the very top. The winners of top, professional, races can make money while using their racing jet skis, the money comes from the endorsing sponsors. Famous personal watercraft racer can also make money by setting up related shops, an online PWC store, and from making commercial videos!

You can’t just put all the work on God’s hands…


The Parker Strip & Fast Boats at the Colorado River

The Parker Strip… What and where is it?

The Parker Strip is the section of the Colorado River located between Headgate Rock Dam on the south and the Parker Dam on the north. It is a 2 state area divided by the Colorado River and it is part of the southern Mojave Desert. To the east you will find the sunny state of Arizona. The City of Parker is the closest and the main supplier of products and service to the Parker Strip demands. Along the river banks you find many private vacation resortes with sandy beaches, bars, restaurants, hotels and there is one casino too. If you like: jet skiing, boating, boat racing, water skiing, parasailing, tubing, offroading, fishing, hunting, gambilng, bird watching or just sun bathing, the Parker Strip, with no speed limits and open 24 hour, is the perfect spot for your desert fun in the Colorado River. For the budget conscious, there are quite a few public campgrounds on both sides of the river to accommodate all comers. Many snowbirds, with RVs from the north, enjoy expending the winter months camping in the Parker Strip every year. About 40 miles, north of the Parker Dam, Havasu City in Lake Havasu is home to many international racing events and to the famous London Bridge.

West of the Colorado River

Heading west from the Parker Strip you will get into California, the home of the motion pictures industry. The Parker Strip biggest source of income, for real state investament, come in big part from the great metropolis of Los Angeles, located at only 4 hours away. The Parker Strip area includes many kind of recreational facilities where you can exercise all sort of water sports and desert related activities. Due to some restrictions and the high demand for waterfront properties, prices have skyrocketed to the seven digits mark, and it seems impossible to get a piece of riverfront property. These anecdotes are just part of what keep us going back to the Parker Strip every year, but there are others, many others, interesting things happening at the river all the time. Who knows, one of these days we may see the Queen Mary, converted to a hotel casino, moored right across from the The Foxs or The Sundance giving away buffet breakfasts to attract visitor… Anything and everything is possible at the Parker Strip, Colorado River, USA!

Unofficial boat racing at the Parker Strip

Saturday afternoon is the best time to see the fast boats of the Parker Strip racing each others, flying off the top the wakes and almost tipping over, blasting down the river on a big stamina trip. Once in a while these boat racing get heated up, big time, with too many super fast boats running at the same time in a narrow section of the Colorado River. That is when, looking on from your campsite on the bank of the river, it will make you feel like you are watching a “TV special event”. The big difference here is that it is a free, real life, entertainment show. Heck, you could even take home pictures and videos with you. You could even see some of the most remarkable offshore racing boats in action, their racing skills and records are unknown to you but, that driver could easily be a famous, international racer that, by pure coincidence, happens to be giving you a “free show” at the Parker Strip. You never knows who is who… Anything is always possible at “The Parker Strip” !

Where do I get racing fuel in Parker, AZ?

I did found that the best place, and maybe the only one now, that you can get top racing fuel in the Parker area is at the Parker Oil Produts. By the end of the 2005 Parker Strip boating season I needed some of the high octane fuel and a Seadoo RXP racer, Ric Johnson, told me about this place. I went down to Parker oil Products and met the guys running it. They are good people and treated me right. They were very helpful, skilled and informative about the use of top racing fuel. I got a few gallons of the VP moto 113 racing fuel and the price they charged me was a very good deal as for as I know from checking others sources of racing fuel. My rig appreciated drinking the good stuff and it were showing in my GPS device by been faster than before. I felt like they earned my business in good faith and in gratitude I decide to mention their place in some of my pages related to the fast boats of the Parker Strip. Here is a view of the action at their busy gas station in a short, 2.93 MB file, Windows Media video cliptaken on the 2006 Memorial Day Weekend at Parker, AZ, from across the street. Cheers! A great gas station for top racing fuel!

Amazing racing boats coming… Gone!

It is very thrilling to hear these awesome boats, coming, closer and closer, from the distance and watch how they wrestle the choppy water, as they get close to you, going over a 100 miles per hour and then, 5 seconds later, they are all gone very quickly, just as they came. Dont be surprised when you awake to a big rumble, loud sound from their big and supercharged engines, in the middle of the night but, you would not see them because they were racing and the whole thing just happened too fast for you to catch it. If luck is in your side, and it happens to be a full moon out, you may be able to see a very spectacular night scene of boat racing at 100 mph. Seeing this amazing boat raceat the Parker Strip became one my most treasured memories ever.

The new “Party Boats” are all over the river

At the Parker Strip you will see all type of boats. From nflatables boats, canoes, fishing boats, and houseboats to the 40-footers offshore racers, potoon boats and river parasail boats. A very popular boats at “The Strip” are the Eliminators, lots of them out there. You can see plenty of the new party boats too, they are pretty, very fast and have a lots of dancing space in their open deck. During weekend evenings you can see people dancing in the boat while floating down the river but, most of the time, you will only hear the music from their late night, loud, onboard party. Many thanks to the owners of the boats shown here for the great shows they put up. We will see you out there as soon as its get hot again, folks!

About the author Papoloko has been camping and boating at the Parker Strip, Colorado River, since 1992.



Summer Months Camping at Crossroads

We have been going to the Parker Strip since 1992. For the first 8 years we had a Formula boat. The new Millenium came and brought the jetski obsession and we just keep going at it today. We expend mosts weekend in the summer months camping, kicking back, at Crossroads Campgrounds. We always enjoy the company of the host, Gene and his wife. These folk are wonderful, good people, from Texas. Camping in the desert, by the river, with the jet ski near by in the water is living “The High Life” for old timers and river rats like us. Check it out and you will get in love with it.

Have you seem a donkey lately?
There are quite a few photo albums here. Click on the links to see the Parker Strip Fast Boats. Go meet my old Formula boat alias “GINAII”. Take a pick at the “Crossroads Campgrounds”, see Crossroads Host, 2000 ultra 150, Lesharo RV, “Old Jet ski”, and last, there is one of an old desert donkey. He was very funny and we gave him the name “Burrito King”. He use to hang around our campsite at Crossroads waiting to eat carrots from our hands. Thinking back on it now, I just realize that we never knew his last name.

Meet our “Little Davey”
If you have kids I will suggest a visit to our grandson, “Little Davey Web World” web site. He’s 2 years old and growing up very fast!!!. I created a small website for him. So far it only have one photo album but as soon as I get some free time I will be loading more pictures, some videos and kids games. You can meet and find out more about our grandson “Little Davey” at his website.


Jetski and Thrill at the Parker Strip

Author: Ashley Barnard
Jetski – try out the thrill of jet skiing The idea of sitting (or standing) on a craft that is designed to provide the rider with the thrill and fun of riding a snowmobile, only on the open water, is either: a) nerve-wracking, b) old hat, or c) something that “I’ve got to try before I die!”

We’re talking jet skiing, folks, and for those who already know, the thrill that comes with cruising on the water’s surface at speeds that can exceed 50 MPH (80 km/h) is second to none. For those who have yet to discover this aquatic nirvana, you’re only a rental at your local beach away from getting in on the action.

Jet skis are, quite simply, not skis at all but rather watercraft that operate on a skiing premise. That is, they skip along the water’s surface, much like snow skis would do on the slopes. They are driven by gas-powered engines, some as strong as 150 horsepower.

Some jet skis enable the driver to sit down, and with a person riding ‘shotgun’. Other units are meant to be operated by the driver in a standing-only position. In either instance, you are in command of a powerful watercraft that will have you the envy of beachcombers and boaters alike.

Power and fun aside, these aren’t toys. Anything that provides the thrill and excitement that jet skis do must be operated with training and attention to your surroundings. Knowing at which speed to safely operate the craft, versus how many other small crafts are on the water, who might be water skiing, what natural and man-made obstructions may exist, etc., is not only important but could ultimately save you from significant injury or even death. Proper safety equipment, such as life jackets and helmets, are also required, and rules to this end vary depending on where you are using your jet ski, so make sure you know the local law before going out on the water. It is estimated that operator error is responsible for about 95 percent of all jet-ski accidents.

If all safety regulations and rules and items of common sense are adhered to, and if speed and open water and personal watercraft are three things that go together well in your mind’s eye, look no further than jet skiing to provide you with the time of your life the next time you find yourself at the lake For information about this sport then please feel free to visit my site at

About the author:
Ashley Barnard is a great outdoor explorer and apart from climbing mountains around the world he also enjoys jet skiing for a brief insight into jet skiing.


Formula Boat Story

My Formula boat…
This is the story of my ’82 Thunderbird Formula boat, better kown as Gina II, alias The Pirate’s Ghost. She was 20 feet in length and 8 feet wide with a deep V hull that made her an ideal, rough water, runabout boat. It was, originally, a Miami, FL, boat and according to the old owner, she had been used in 1982 to smuggle drugs and illegal emigrants up the Miami River By the beginning of the nineties, abused and in need of repairs, it had been stored out of circulation for a few years. It was then that we meet, feel in love and took our new boat home.

A yellow Formula boat nicknamed Gina II

We bought the Thunderbird Formula boat in ’91 at Miami, Fl, and in the spring of ’92 she was relocated to Los Angeles, California. She went through a complete and mayor transformation in body and power. She was baptized and named Gina II to honor my daugther Gina. The boat hull was redesigned with a new shape and her original 260 hp engine was replaced with a beef up, custom made, high performance 325 hp engine. This custom transformation took over one year to complete and was done by Papoloko in ’93. Because the new looks and the increase in power, very soon, she earned the respect of other boaters at the local lakes but, because she was now running higher speeds, the lakes authorities noticed it and gave me some speeding warnings. That was the beginning of the end at the local lakes. There was always some hotshot boat wanting to know how fast she really was.

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Formula boat found a new home
We went looking for a new playground for our Formula toy, for a new home with more freedom to play. We enjoyed Lake Mead, Laughlin, Lake Havasu, Blythe and she even expended afew months moored at Marina del Rey in California. Overall, we did caught many great memories out of those temporary homes and at the end, the Parker Strip was the one she would be calling home at The Colorado River. From the year 1994 to about the end of 1999 she enjoyed a lot of action, in the summer months, right around the Empire Landing Campground at the Parker Strip, Colorado River, which was the place where we used to stay on all our camping trips.

Party time, full moons and the Parker Strip
Our Formula boat, the Gina II, usually expended the winter months resting at a near by storage yard called The Right Spot, a very covenient place that was 2 minutes from the launching ramp and another 2 minutes from the Empire Landing Campground. We had many parties at the campsites in this park, every other weekend, drinking and dancing right on the water with the full moon shining in the sky until 3 or 4 am. There is nothing like taking the boat out, on a full moon nite, and just blast down the river, full throtle, with the light of the moon making the whole river alive. That’s one of the beauty of the Parker Strip, you can enjoy your boat 24 hour a day. It’s a shame that full moon only happens once a month. My WARNINGS to new boaters driving the Parker Strip at night time, some drunk boater or whatever, could be driving without the navigation lites on and could create an accident for you even if you follow all the rules… Alcohol and driving don’t mix. Be careful when driving at night.

Formula boat… The thrill was gone!
Since we had her plenty in very rough, deep sea, water around the Catalina Island, out of Los Angeles, and she did uphold herself cruising playing with the fast and very expensive boats of the Parker Strip at the Colorado River too, we feel there was nothing new anymore… The thrill was gone. By the end of ’99 we had grown tired of boating and camping so, we decided to take her back to Los Angeles. We guessed, back then, that we were becoming too old for such activities. Of course, we were wrong. We did went back to the Parker Strip with the New Millennium, but we did not brought the Formula boat to the Parker Strip, instead, it was a jetski, the Lucky Ghost, the one that went back with us to the Parker Strip. But, hey, that is a whole different story.

My Formula boat old home… The Parker Strip
To end the Gina II story I will say that she has just been setting for five years with a lot of memories from the Parker Strip to her credit but with no action at all. Parked outside, in the open, without any maintenance during all these years, her body and interior has deteriorated bad. I forgot to put the canvas cover on her for two year. I’m very sorry, that was my own stupid mistake and it should cost me plenty to restore her if I ever want to ride her again. Maybe one day in the future I will have the need to feel her power, do the whole thing over one more time and race down the river again but, up to today, all that I can do is to give her a web home and show some of her memories to the others boats enthusiasts of the world. If I ever bring her back to the new millennium and have her restored, you can rest assured that the Thunderbird Formula boat, better kown as Gina II, alias The Pirate’s Ghost, will be back at her old home… The Parker Strip in the Colorado River

About the author:
Papoloko has been boating the Parker Strip, Colorado River, since ’92.


A Peaceful Pretty View..

A good video that you can watch here is the one we called “Crossroads at Dawn”. This one will give you an idea of what “The Parker Strip” area look like at 6 AM, in a cloudy day, from our campsite at Crossroads Campgrounds. It’s was very peaceful with a pretty view but I had to get up very early to catch it on film. To see the Colorado River, with the hills as background, when the sun is coming up is just magnificent.

They get old because…
Another one to see is a video clip named “Gene Video”. It’s about a master of the camping life having fun in the river. Here you will meet the Crossroads Campgrounds Host. Gene Rogowicz, the host and my friend, went riding my Ultra one afternoon. Can you imagine? At his age, with all the white hair, to go riding a highly modified sky in a choppy river. This video should remind everybody that people don’t stop playing because the get old but they get old because they stop playing.

Buckshot50s Carburetor to go faster
Don’t forget to watch the videos “68.7 Ultra 150” and a longer clip that was taking the first time that the ultra was running good after its carburetors gave us trouble for a year, it’s the “Jet ski Run”. You will see me in action, riding the Ultra 150 after I installed a set of Buckshot50s Carburetors to go a little faster. Check them out and for a little time you could feel like you are the driver. I have many more video clips of us at the river that I want to publish but they need to be edited for internet use. I haven’t had time to do it yet.


2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 Jetski modifications The Lucky Ghost II Story

There had to be more excitement
We came across this 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 jetski by the end of summer in the year 2014. At that point in time I was mainly running a couple of big and heavy 3-seaters jet skis. I was getting bore and finding no excitement in the ride anymore. Somehow it felt almost like riding in my old Formula boat, safe and secure but I couldn’t feel the big rush anymore. While conducting a search with google for “personal watercraft” I found a forum dedicated to the Kawasaki Ultra 150 jetski, it was run by Skiworx Watercrafts Performance. Reading at this forum got me very excited about this little “Speed Devil”.

Kawasaki Ultra 150 – The facts

I learned at this board that the Ultra 150 had been the fastest factory stock jetski available from 1999 to 2003. Their top speeds of 63 to 66 miles per hours had been verified either using global positioning devices or radar guns. I also learned that the speed that shows up on most stock speedometer that come with the new jetski, from factory, was far from being the actual and real speed. The hardcore riders call them dream_meter. You most remember not to go by what the stock speedometer readout shows when comparing to other riders. Many riders at the lakes swear to 80 mph when in reality their jetski can only go 55 GPS mph. When making speed claims, you should use either a radar gun or a global positioning device to get a close to acurate speed read out, so the riders that really know the sport will respect you in an argument.

Free knowledge just for the reading
At the Kawasaki Ultra150 Forum I found many raiders related to the regional and national racing circuit and they had invested a lots of time and money in R&D, Research and Development, to make their racing Jetskis go faster and be able to win at the races. From this forum (Database of knowledge I call it) it became evident to me that the Kawasaki jetski was a very reliable and dependable high performance machine. Even though, I did owned 3 jetskis and had been using them for 4 year, I discovered that I didn’t knew much about PWCs and that it was time to go back to school. So, I expended many hours, every day, until I had read everything at that forum regarding the famous Kawasaki Ultra 150 jetski and, to get a wider view, I also did a research for it in the internet.

Seadoo RXP took title from Kawasaki Ultra 150
The bottom line was that by 2004 Seadoo had come out with their new monster machine, the 2004 RXP. This new ski was bigger and heavier than the Ultra 150 but it came out with a super charged engine capable of producing 215 HP. The accepted and official top speed was between 66 to 69 miles per hours on radar. The Seadoo RXP had taken the title from the Kawasaki Ultra 150 as it was the fastest “factory stock” personal watercraft available in 2004. This “Monster Engine” had the potencial, with some major modifications, to deliver big power and unbelievable speed. All that was needed, was to get the aftermarket industry to start producing new parts.

I was a 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 owner
I have never been a circuit racer but I like to get to from point A to point B as fast as I can without breaking the bank. Right around that time, I came across a good deal on a highly modified 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150, since it was already modified and it was suppose be able to go 68 to 70 GPS mph according to what I had learned at the ultra forum, I went for broke and bought it. The seller had claimed 74 mph as this ultra 150 top speed but, I knew that was going to be close to impossible with the amount of modifications done to this jetski. When I got I was hoping for 70 GPS mph but a 68 would have been OK with me. Wow… Congrats! I had, finally, become the proud owner of a fast and highly modified Kawasaki jet ski