Jetski and Thrill at the Parker Strip

Author: Ashley Barnard
Jetski – try out the thrill of jet skiing The idea of sitting (or standing) on a craft that is designed to provide the rider with the thrill and fun of riding a snowmobile, only on the open water, is either: a) nerve-wracking, b) old hat, or c) something that “I’ve got to try before I die!”

We’re talking jet skiing, folks, and for those who already know, the thrill that comes with cruising on the water’s surface at speeds that can exceed 50 MPH (80 km/h) is second to none. For those who have yet to discover this aquatic nirvana, you’re only a rental at your local beach away from getting in on the action.

Jet skis are, quite simply, not skis at all but rather watercraft that operate on a skiing premise. That is, they skip along the water’s surface, much like snow skis would do on the slopes. They are driven by gas-powered engines, some as strong as 150 horsepower.

Some jet skis enable the driver to sit down, and with a person riding ‘shotgun’. Other units are meant to be operated by the driver in a standing-only position. In either instance, you are in command of a powerful watercraft that will have you the envy of beachcombers and boaters alike.

Power and fun aside, these aren’t toys. Anything that provides the thrill and excitement that jet skis do must be operated with training and attention to your surroundings. Knowing at which speed to safely operate the craft, versus how many other small crafts are on the water, who might be water skiing, what natural and man-made obstructions may exist, etc., is not only important but could ultimately save you from significant injury or even death. Proper safety equipment, such as life jackets and helmets, are also required, and rules to this end vary depending on where you are using your jet ski, so make sure you know the local law before going out on the water. It is estimated that operator error is responsible for about 95 percent of all jet-ski accidents.

If all safety regulations and rules and items of common sense are adhered to, and if speed and open water and personal watercraft are three things that go together well in your mind’s eye, look no further than jet skiing to provide you with the time of your life the next time you find yourself at the lake For information about this sport then please feel free to visit my site at

About the author:
Ashley Barnard is a great outdoor explorer and apart from climbing mountains around the world he also enjoys jet skiing for a brief insight into jet skiing.