CS:GO Version mouse for esports (Review)

I’ve played with the regular Zowie EC2-B for about a month now. This is my new favorite esports mouse, but it just got even better.

Zowie is the most popular choice for esports fans and pro players. According to the Zowie EC2 is the most popular esports mouse together with the Zowie products. So why is it that Zowie is on the top? Speaking for myself, I believe it’s a combination of shape, simplicity and build quality for it’s price, it’s the perfect choice for almost any competitive player.

Now you probably noticed that there’s an EC1 and EC2. EC1 is larger and EC2 is smaller, as you can see here, but they’re from the same EC series and it’s all about preference. For me, using a larger mouse can often be more comfortable and relaxing for the hand, but if I use a smaller mouse I get better aim which is something I want when I play CSGO.

My hands are roughly 19 cm but using the EC2 fits my hand perfectly. My preferred hand style is the palm grip which works very well with this mouse, cause you can get your whole hand around it. But fingertip and clawgrip should work really well If you have medium to large sized hands. So what’s the main difference between the CSGO version and the regular one? Well, the size is the same, the weight is exactly the same, but there are some noticeable differences.

First thing is obviously the look, it has a dark blue and black coating which makes it look stealthy combined with the logo in the front which gives it a bit of contrast. It’s a beautiful mouse, but my main concern would be the feel of the mouse. And I can tell you, it’s a relief to know that it’s using the same type of coating as the black one.

I prefer the texture and it’s great if you don’t want your mouse to look so dirty. Here’s the white coating just to give you guys an example. Apart from the looks there are two more things I discovered. The first was the clicking sound of the buttons. The clicking sounds a bit lighter to me on the CSGO version but maybe it’s because of the textures or just because I’ve barely used it. The second thing I noticed could just be that I was unlucky with my regular EC2-B but it does make more noise when I shake it compared to the CSGO version.

This should not determine anything in my opinion but it’s only something I noticed with my own EC2-B’s. If you went out to buy a regular EC2-B with black coating you would pretty much get the same thing as the CSGO version. However, this is a CSGO channel and my new favorite mouse happens to have a CSGO skin, so obviously I’m gonna buy it.

When opening the package you’ll notice how simple everything is, but the coolest part, there’s no software involved. The only settings on the mouse are the ones below, the report rate and DPI. It’s perfect for when you need to move your mouse to another computer, all the settings are stored on the mouse and it’s not like you need to use a software or login to an account to load your settings. I’ve always liked Zowie products because of this, they’re simple, easy to use and I think this is what an esports mouse is all about to play real money casino ca effortlessly.

As soon as you plug the EC series in, you’ll immediately feel the tracking, it’s really smooth, and responsive. There is no hardware acceleration, and angle snapping. Getting used to the EC2-B goes really fast, the same for EC1-B, but I feel like you can get even better precision with the smaller one. After a few minutes I was already landing some sick shots, this is all recorded with the new mouse. If you’re new to the Zowie products, then I feel like getting the EC2-B CSGO version is worth the money. If you already have the EC series then maybe you should just keep using it seeing there’s not really much of a difference apart from the look.

In the end this is all I really wanted. It’s a cool product and even cooler that they actually did something together with Valve. I’ll put some links down below if you want to buy it yourself. You can follow me on my social medias to see what’s going on behind the scenes. I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!