Roulette Systems – Splits – When the Sleeper Awaken

Hi guys welcome to another video. This system is called when the sleeper awakened so we’re talking about dozens here. So what happens?

Is we wait for a dozen to sleep or in other words, not get hit for a minimum of eight spins, and then we we wait till it’s hit, and then we bet two for splits, which is a split, is two numbers. So there’s four chips on four splits. So what would happen is we’ll do a demonstration. So that’s the easiest way to explain it. So we’re going to wait for a dozen to sleep or not hit, so you can either write this down, keep track or after a while, you get to know which numbers are in which doesn’t so you can keep it in your head, which I do.

Okay, let’s get started so we’re waiting for the Dozen one of these dozens to not be hit for six, and that starts the trigger. So, let’s see there, we go zero. Well, that’s out of the way there zero for a while, so keep a track. So at the moment you can see that the third dozen hasn’t been hit for three.

We can include the zero so for four spins so far, five pins, five spins, sorry, including the zero two forces, so I did get hit so now we’re looking. You might want to write this down, but obviously you can see there. The first dozen hasn’t been hit for four, so let that’s the oldest dozen that hasn’t been hit. So let’s track that one so oldest, doesn’t four: five has being hit, has been hit. So now we’re back two dozen three sorry dozen to Tara doesn’t tell he’s been hit. So now we we tracked back to the oldest, which is a so just keep that after while you get used to it in your head, so back to the one is the oldest sorry three back to the let’s hit it back to this third dozen or hits Five six, so the third dozen thirty five was the last number in the third dozen to be hit, so has been six spins since then, where it hasn’t hit.

So now, when it does hit, then we start betting on the column streets. We can call it okay, it’s been here, so it’s been hit in this column. It’S a twenty five.

So what we do? We bet the splits for splits in the other two columns in that dozen. So, as you can see, there there’s a progression system. I like to stop probably at about you, know the tenth one or so because it does get up there because again it’s a progression system, some of my favorite system, but again I’m just showing you all the systems out there and you can decide the ones with The work for you, okay, let’s do now four spins, because after four spins of one unit, then obviously we don’t get our money back.

So then we got ta up the units to another one. There we go well. We hit the first one, which is the best result we can get so we got 14 profit so that completes the system there. Let’S do it again for ten units on the first, so pretty happy with that one.

Obviously, sometimes it doesn’t happen all the time. So this is the risk you take obviously, but I try I try and have the the lowest start with the lowest units. So, let’s find another online casino no deposit bonus that hasn’t been hit for six spins, so we could actually still use this as a trigger, but they’ve all been hit.

Quite recently, so, let’s there we go for the next one. So second dozen hasn’t been here for three four: five: six, okay, so looking at the second dozen, so as soon as it hits, then we bet the four splits there we go. The thirties has hit in the second dozen.

So again we move to the other two columns where it hasn’t hit and put one on fourteen seventeen split: twenty twenty, three fifteen eighteen and twenty one, twenty four. So four four spins one unit, two three four, so I hit on the the fourth spin with one unit that’s before we obviously increase that, as you can see there in the table to two units we still want to. So that’s the minimum there. So this is how this system works.

He has a reasonably do crude, reasonable, reasonable degree of success, but again it’s a system that can go against you quite quickly and you’re betting units do go up quite quickly after the the first five or so losses. Good things about the good thing about the system is that you can actually win quite a lot of Units it does. It does take a bit of time sometimes to get that six.

Six on hit dozen area, the negatives really okay, the units can go up quite quickly. You can have a losing run so I’d call it a medium type risk of system. It does cover eight eight numbers, so you are covering about just over twenty one percent of the board.

So if you look at it that way, one one-fifth chance of success so overall an OK system, not my favorite. But again, I just show you what out there and you can judge for yourself: do some testing and go from there thanks for watching and we’ll be back soon with another strategy and other videos, thanks for watching

Self-Discipline at the Casino

Casino is a source of entertainment. And just as when you go to an amusement park you do not do things you will be penalized for, in a casino too, you need to take care not to overdo your gambling habits and cause yourself to repent. Simple judgment and level headedness is all that is required to make your experience at the casino an enjoyable one.

The most basic thing in this regard happens to be, do not bet what you can not afford to lose. Fact is many people keep on gambling even after losing their budgeted money at the casino table out of the vague hope that he can recover what all he has lost and instead eventually will be able to win the jackpot. This mentality is an epidemic. In numerous cases it has led to bankruptcy which of course leads to even more horrendous things. One must also remember that having the odds in favor of you for one game does not ensure any bit that winning is a confirmation. It only states that your probability of winning is slightly higher than that of other players. It is for this reason that betting boundlessly is a strict no-no even if you are the odds on favorite. Do not, and I reiterate, do not invest more funds into a gambling game that you have already lost once. If you want to carry on playing, do so only with your winnings if you have any. Too much drinking before a game of gambling is also not advisable as it affects the rational thinking of an individual.

Maintaining your self discipline at the casino is the most sure shot way to an enjoyable gambling experience at a casino. Gambling addiction is a disease, but responsible gambling is thrilling, amusing and hell it’s rewarding like nothing else.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Think Positive and Win

I was recently interviewed by my son Mike Shippey for a book he is writing on positive thinking. Anyway, during the interview I was reminded of several things that have become second nature to me and I have just taken for granted when it come to casino gambling and thought I might share one or two.

First of all positive thinking or optimism are a key foundation to winning in the casinos, or even in life itself.

Believing you can do something is necessary before you can actually do it.

Now when I say positive thinking or optimism I am not talking about hoping or wishing, I am talking the belief you can actually do something, for me that was winning in casinos.

Long before I started gambling in casinos, while in High School, I read a book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich, I can’t tell you a lot about that book since it has been nearly 45 years since I read it, but the one thing I took away from it and have tried to apply to almost everything I do or have done is this, and I will paraphrase:

“The mind has no limitations except those you acknowledge”

Now I admit I have a lot of limitations that I acknowledge, so my mind does have its limits.

But, a few years after reading that book I made my first trip to Las Vegas and was introduced to the world of casino gambling.

I decided that I would not acknowledge any limitations when it came to the games of Craps, Blackjack, and Roulette…I knew the house percentage and odds to win were against me, but those percentages played out to the big numbers, I knew in a short run anything was possible.

I made up my mind I was going to win, and every time I went, or every table I played I knew I was going to win.

Now it didn’t always work out that way, as a matter of fact I lost on many occasions, and some of those trips were a total bust, but I never detoured from my belief that I was going to win.

Now here is the insight I was reminded of, if I was only hoping and wishing to win, then I would have just kept on going and settling for whatever happened.

But truly believing you can do something causes you take action to make that belief happen.

And that is exactly what I did, I studied the games inside and out, I learned which were the best bets to make, which ones to stay away from, I developed a casino money management strategy that included a progression strategy that would allow me to capitalize on winning streaks, rake my winnings and actually take that money home with me.

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