Card Games : How to Play Spades

Hi, my name is Charles and I’m here to try to tell you how to play Spades. Spades is what’s called a partnership card game, usually you play with four players and the players that sit opposite each other are on the same team. The purpose of the game is try and take as many tricks as possible. A trick is when each round, each player puts down one card. When four cards are put down that card of the highest value wins whats called the trick. You then pick that trick up and then play more.

At the end of the game, you count up the number of tricks and the player that win, that took the most wins. Now in Spades there are couple of different things that change. The first is that the spades are always that are considered trump, which means that, if you have any of the other three suits in a trick in a spade the highest spade will win the trick no matter what the other cards are. So an ace of hearts for example, wouldn’t take a trick if somebody put a two of spades down.

The other thing that you have in Spades is what’s called bidding, which means that once you’ve dealt out all the cards to the four players, each player has thirteen cards, you pick up your cards and you bid how many tricks that you think you’ll be able to take. So if you think you have a really good hand and out of the total of the thirteen tricks you think you can take five, then you would bid five. Now your partner is also going to bid a number of tricks, and your total contract or the number of tricks that the two of you are going to be able to take, is the sum of that number. Now a couple of interesting things in terms of scoring, at the end of the game you count up the number of tricks you have and you compare it to the contract. If you take ten points for each trick that you take, if you don’t take all of the tricks in your contract you actually lose ten points for each trick that you didn’t get and you don’t get any points for the tricks that you did get.

If you take more than your contract, you get the points for your contract plus one point for each additional trick. So your goal is try and get the number as exact as possible. If you bid zero tricks and you don’t take any tricks, you get a hundred points at the end. And if you and your partner bid zero tricks and you don’t take any tricks, you actually get four hundred points.

You play the game usually until you get five hundred points and sometimes you can even go over what’s called a back hangover, which means that you take, out of you say you’re going to take five tricks and you take seven, so you get fifty-two points and that two points puts you over the edge. That’s a perfectly legitimate way to win. The last thing to say about Spades is that there are dozens of different ways to play, it’s probably the most popular partnership game in the country right now. And so if you have a different way of playing, by all means go ahead and use it. Spades is a great game.

I hope that you enjoy playing it. And that’s how you play Spades.