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Watch jet ski racing and the best freestyle tricks from our Video Collections
You're welcome to review our collection of jet ski videos, jet skis pictures, and resources related to watercrafts like; the Ultra 150 jet ski, SXi Pro, the Ultra 250, 750SS jet skis, the vintage PJS Seajet, Kawasaki X2 jet ski, the exotic Mardikian Hydro Ski and Cafe Racer watercrafts. Find access to PWC forums, jetski blogs, news, and shops at our directory. Learn about our Lesharo RV camping trips, the Parker Strip's fishing from Crossroads Campground, and boating in the Colorado River, USA!

My three-seaters personal watercrafts didn't felt faster than my old 750SS jetski...

Before acquiring the Ultra 150 we had others personal watercrafts; a '96 Yamaha Waveventure 1100, a '97 Kawasaki 1100 STX, and the one we had the most fun with, a '92 Kawasaki 750SS. We named it the Lucky Ghost because it was in a very bad shape when we bought it. It was our first personal watercraft after 25 year of full size boating, and I can say this, the Lucky Ghost was my first introduction and school to the jetski world. We have many great jetski memories from learning, working, and riding this mini boat. It only went 45 mph, but since it was so small, the ride felt like you were going 90 mph. The others 2 skies we owned were three-seaters, and even though they moved faster, their ride never felt so exciting as the old Kawasaki 750SS jetski!

Engine trouble on our Ultra 150 Jet ski: New Buckshots Carbs... and Gone!

Learn about our experiences, and good times, running the Lucky Ghost II, a modified 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 jet ski which was the motivation for creating this web site. We had finally gotten the Ultra 150, and since we believe in baptizing watercrafts, a bottle of champagne was broken onto her nose. With the sound of breaking glass we all laughed and nicknamed her the Lucky Ghost II. The soul naming was done after having engine troubles, mostly carbs problems, for a whole year. Believe it or not, all headache were gone after that. Crazy jet ski stuff, isn't it?

The Ultra jet ski went a lot faster with the Buckshot50s Carburetors

Watch the videos 68.7 mph Ultra 150, and also, a wmv clip taking the first time out the ultra was running good after having big carburetors trouble. It is the "Buckshots BRM50s carbs vid" You will see me in action riding the Ultra 150 after I installed a set of Buckshot50s Carburetors to go a little faster. in 2006 we got into the stand up jet ski scene, see the Kawi SXi Pro Modifications & Pictures Gallery and 750 SXi Pro Pics & Video pages.

For the best in the PWC industry go to our Jet Ski Resources & Outdoors Sports Directory!

Our directory, and most of our content, is related to five main categories that includes topics directed at the most recognized sites in the web. Originally, the main objective was to create a resources directory to help only the jet skis fans in their search for jet ski related topics, something like; forums, racing info, repairs shops, classifieds ads, parts and accessories, law, safety, rules, news, magazines, clubs, insurance,and manufacturers. It didn't took long to realize that our site is also related to camping, RVs, fishing and boating. We ended up building a more complex outdoors sports directory with links to our own pictures albums and videos related to those activities. We welcome you to find all the info you need at our non-money making personal watercraft web site from Los Angeles, Ca. Saludos!

How to find and read the best Jet ski Forums & Shops available on-line...

For access to the forums & Aftermarket Shops below click here, or go to the Jet ski & Outdoors Sport Directory at the top of this page for the main navigation menu.

Kawasaki Ultra 150 Forums
Specialized on the Kawasaki Ultra 150 and includes many knowledgeable members carrying technical discussion on modifications for the Ultra 150 jet ski. A classifieds section to buy used ultra 150 parts at a great discount is open for freeposting.

PWC Today Forums
The biggest personal watercrafts forum is well supported by Superjet and SXR jet ski riders and has a personal watercraft racing section that house the top closed circuit racers and freestylers discussions. A very active classifieds section, free and with great deals, is available at the best forum in the web!

Green Hulk High Performance Forums
This one is the online board where you can find super fast RXPs, Yamahas, and Ultra 250X hardcore owners hanging out looking to be the world record speed holder. It's a great place to get help on mayor jet skis speed modifications. Buying and selling PWCs used parts is done at their classifieds.

Riva Performance Forums
Dedicated mainly to the Yamaha watercrafts these forums are a great source of information for high performance jet ski modifications.

The Ultra 250X is been out a while... Excitement or frustation?

Big PWC excitement. Well, the Ultra 250X was out in early 2007 and Ultra250X.com is all for it. They offer photos viewing of the supercharged Kawasaki Ultra 250 jet ski, and also offer PWC racing videos, racers resources, and jet ski racing pictures. With power to spare, from the supercharged 250 HP engine, this amazing jet ski will, allegedly so far, be the fastest jet ski in history. Top speed, with low gas, is claimed to be close to 70 mph. We only have to wait a little bit to know which un-modify personal watercraft is going to be the faster in 2007... I was betting in favor of the Kawasaki Ultra 250X but... Should I bet for it in 2009?

Interesting jet ski reading... Kawasaki Ultra 250X jet ski and Kawasaki Watercraft Blog

A peaceful pretty view of the Colorado River...

A very good video clip that you can watch here is the one we call Parker Strip at dawn Video. This one will give you an idea of what the Parker Strip area look like at 6 AM, in a cloudy day, from our campsite at Crossroads Campground, see pictures. It's was very peaceful with a pretty view but I had to get up very early to catch it on film. To see the Colorado River, with the hills as background, when the sun is coming up is just a magnificent camping memory. Also great to see are the Parker Strip Fast Boats and the Colorado River Fast Boats videos

Camping & fishing at Crossroads Campground

We been going to the Parker Strip since 1992. For the first 8 years we used a Formula boat. The new Millennium came, it brought the Kawi jet ski obsession for us and we just keep going at it today. We expend most weekend during the summer months camping and kicking back at Crossroads Campground. Camping at the river, in the middle of the desert, with my Ultra 150 jet ski resting in the water near by, was living the "High Life" for old timers and river rats like us. Check it out... You'll get in love with it!

White haired man riding a highly modified jet ski in a choppy river...

Take a look at the Crossroads Campground Host Photo Album. It's about a master of the camping life having fun in the river. Here you will meet the Crossroads Campgrounds Host, Gene Rogowicz, the summer campground host. One afternoon he went for a ride on my modify 2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150 jetski one. Could you imagine it? At his age, with all the white hair, to go riding a highly modified jet ski in choppy river. Another pictures to look at are at the Le Sharo RV photo album

To all our jet ski visitors and personal watercraft enthusiasts...

We hope you had fun and enjoyed our jet ski racing videos, photos, articles, blog, forums, standup racing game, and resources directory about the Kawasaki Ultra 150, PJS X2 & Seajet VXL1200, 750 SXi Pro jetski, the vintages Werks Marine Fazer & Hydro Ski, and our camping, boating, fishing, and Lesharo RV experiences at the Parker Strip, Colorado river. Don't forget to check out our Ultra 250 website & the Kawasaki jetski blog. If you would like to get in touch with us about anything in our website, or just to say "Hi", please use the contact us email below. Thanks and, please, come again... Also, special thanks to Ric Jonhson!

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Amazing Mardikian Jet Skis...

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Jet Ski Challenge Game
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Kawasaki make getting...
your Ultra 250 watercraft very easy by offering up to 100% instant financing with the Good Times Credit Plan read more...

Personal Watercrafts Rights
We are very thankful to have organizations like AWA, American Watercrafts Association, that represents personal watercraft owners on the Federal, State, and Local levels, defending the right of PWC water access to all USA waterways. It help to know that some good enthusiasts are looking for us all. Please, support them in their fight!

Web definition for "JET SKI"
The search for this keyword has been growing up with the help of many online surfers searching for key phases like "mini jet ski" and "jet ski fishing". This indicate that, as time goes by, the jet ski sport is attracting more and more jetski enthusiasts to our side of the woods.

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